Photobook Specifications

Fujifilm know-how on every page

Crystal Archive premium photographic paper

The silver halide photographic paper we use in our Photobooks is designed to deliver enhanced reproduction of colours and details, as well as excellent image stability.

If you are a professional photographer, or an enthusiast, you may already be familiar with Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper. It's based on the latest technology in silver halide emulsion, dye couplers and layer design.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper is available in lustre and gloss (see below for more on gloss). It is specially designed for:

  • Vivid colour reproduction – retaining beautiful colours such as subtle shades of green, vivid blues and reds.
  • Greater white purity, plus distinct highlight details.
  • Higher contrast with deeper blacks.
  • Optimum detail reproduction.
  • Anti fade – excellent image stability during long-term storage in light or dark conditions, plus greater resilience to nitrogen, oxides and ozone.

Brilliant glossy pages and fingerprint protection

The brilliant appearance of our glossy pages gives you the ultimate premium quality Photobook. And the unique gloss coating gives extra protection against fingerprints.

Our glossy paper, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album High Definition paper, is the world's first glossy photographic paper based on silver halide emulsion technology that is specifically designed for Photobook manufacturing. It is thinner than normal photographic paper so that when it is bonded together it is still flexible enough to handle and does not crease. This also means you can fit more pages into your Photobook. It was developed specifically for Photobooks in response to customer demand.

Pages lie flat with Leporello binding

To present your pictures in the best way possible, our Fujifilm Brilliant Photobook pages lie completely flat from the spine. Every double page spread is a single continuous piece of photographic paper – ideal for large images that cover more than one page, such as panoramic shots or bridal party scenes.

Our Photobooks do not have seams or stitching in the middle because we use Leporello binding, a system of folding and gluing. This also ensures that the pages are stronger, with every page being several layers thick.

Sturdy hardback photo cover

Our strong hardback covers are designed for maximum protection. And you can choose which picture to use on it.

To ensure the quality of the cover, we print your image onto our silver halide photographic paper, mount it onto thick board and then laminate it.

Fujifilm technical expertise

We're the world's most trusted supplier of photographic products because we've been a leader in photographic imaging technology for many decades:

  • Started manufacturing photographic products in 1934
  • Manufacturing film and cameras since 1948
  • Introduced the first single use camera in 1986
  • Making digital cameras since 1988
  • Manufacturing the world's most successful colour films since 1990
  • Launched Super-CCD digital camera technology in 2003
  • Introduced Super CCD EXR digital camera technology in 2008