Inspiration for your business Photobook

Make your work memorable

If your profession involves art, photography or design, presenting your work is crucial. And in today's competitive environment, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever.

Photography, graphic design, architecture, property development or marketing are just some of the professions, where a portfolio is your calling card. Fujifilm Photobooks give you the quality you need to make a lasting impression.

You can be confident that our imaging technology and reproduction standards will do your work justice on every single page. And you can leave your book with clients without having to worry about your images being affected by poor storage conditions or wear and tear.

Your choice of format

Fujifilm Photobooks are easy to create. You can choose from a selection of well designed templates or customise many elements to your exact requirements. And you can choose from a range of sizes and different numbers of pages.

A large size, such as A3 landscape, is ideal for office reception areas, while the smaller eight-inch square books can make a perfect gift or personalised brochure.

The high definition gloss paper marks a breakthrough in silver halide photographic paper. This gloss coating also provides protection from fingerprints.

Business Photobook Business Photobook Business Photobook Business Photobook Business Photobook

Our Photobooks will show your work to maximum effect both now and in the future. They are made to high professional standards using:

  • Real silver halide photographic paper for optimum reproduction of colour and detail.
  • Anti-fade technology for image stability.
  • Binding without stitching so pages lie flat.
  • Double page spreads that are a single sheet, so very little page curve.
  • Sturdy hardback covers to protect the pages.

Highly tailored marketing materials

If you want to win over, impress or thank clients, you can create tailored, high-end marketing materials with Fujifilm Photobooks. It's easy to personalise each Photobook for a different client because the online software lets you save previous books.

You can add copy using the Photobook software, as well as graphs (saved as an image file) or other images, such as infographics.

The perfect pitch

It's one thing to impress prospective clients with a killer presentation and great delivery. But are the materials you leave them with equally impressive? Make an impact that lasts by giving them a Fujifilm Photobook about you, your firm or your pitch.

Corporate gifts

A meaningful gift can go a long way in strengthening a business relationship. Show your clients you appreciate them, or impress potential clients, with the quality of a personalised Fujifilm Photobook.

You can use a Photobook to present work you have done for them, or content that will resonate for other reasons. Either way, you can create a unique, long lasting gift that clients or other business associates will value.