Inspiration for your holiday or travel Photobook

Wow your family and friends

Whether you want to remember a family holiday or the trip of a lifetime, it's never been easier to create a professional looking Photobook. Our silver halide photographic paper not only enhances your pictures, it'll keep them safe for years to come.

Here are some ideas to make sure your Photobook is anything but ordinary!

Start with the camera

Make sure your camera suits your needs. Recent innovations at Fujifilm mean that even simple point-and-shoots, can produce great pictures.

Often, the best shots of people are not posed. So your camera needs to be easy to use on the spur of the moment.

Camera bags help protect cameras and ensure they travel safely. And don't forget to take the charger – as well as an adaptor if you're going abroad!

Plan to make it interesting

A little forethought can make a big difference. Plan ahead to take different types of shots and series of shots so that the pictures in your Photobook don't all look the same and can really tell a story.

Avoid having the same posed group in different places. Take posed and candid shots, groups and individuals, close-ups and scenery, as well as landmarks both with and without people. And don't forget to pass the camera around so the photographer is in some of the photos!

Holiday Photobooks Holiday Photobooks Holiday Photobooks Holiday Photobooks Holiday Photobooks

Cover picture ideas

A great picture on the cover will make your Photobook really special, so plan ahead. These ideas work particularly well for holidays or travel:

  • Write your Photobook title (e.g. family name, destination and date) in the sand, in shells, stones or twigs for example, or
  • a clever shot of a reflection in sunglasses can set the tone perfectly

But please don't limit yourself to our suggestions – make your Photobook your own!

Creating your book

Choosing photos can be the hardest part. As a basic rule of thumb, upload roughly three to four times the number of pages you are going to have in your Photobook choosing a wide variety of different types of photos. The actual number you need will, of course, depend on your layout choices and the size of your book.

And give yourself time to create your book. After all, it's going to last for years.

Mother & child on holiday

Professional tips

Here are some professional photography tips that will turn your holiday snaps into lasting images with real impact.

Take action shots: If you capture people while moving, doing an activity or in conversation, your photos will look more dynamic and engaging.

Capture local character: Some photographers recommend taking pictures of local people to add character. Look out for interesting or exotic wildlife to bring your pictures to life and capture the essence of a place.

Take advantage of the 'golden hour': Photographers call the time just after sunrise or before sunset 'the golden hour'. (It could be shorter or longer than an hour, depending on where you are.) Because the sun is lower in the sky at these times, natural light is diffused and therefore softer and more flattering.

Make sunsets spectacular: Cameras do not automatically record the vivid pinks and oranges that the human eye sees. If you have manual controls, underexpose sunset shots. If not, many point-and-shoots have a sunset mode. Pointing your lens directly at a yellow sun can be damaging; wait until the sun is red or out of view.

Use panoramic shots: Fujifilm Photobooks' special binding makes them ideal for panoramic pictures. Each double page spread is a single continuous sheet of photographic paper. There is no stitching in the middle and the pages lie completely flat.

Tell stories: Use each picture or a series of pictures to tell a story. You could photograph a menu and then dishes, for example. Another idea is to take the same location, such as the view from your balcony or favourite café, at different times or in different weather. Our Photobook software makes it easy to put a series of pictures together.

Experiment: Try taking pictures from different and unusual angles. This will make your pictures more interesting. If your camera gives you the opportunity to experiment with different lenses and exposures, take it!

Don't hold back: Capture whatever you find interesting – even if it's not what you're used to taking photos of. Whether it's a wild flower, an unusual coffee cup or a strange road sign, it's all part of your experience.