Inspiration for your wedding Photobook

Tell your wedding story

Just as you have to plan for the big day, you need to plan how to capture it all in pictures. And to make your wedding story complete, think about including photos from the build up to your big day.

It's always a great idea to place a few Fujifilm Single Use cameras on your guests' tables for them to take their own photos. You can include them in your own Photobook design, perhaps as a separate section for friends and family to view.

Wedding preparations

You'll know how much time and effort it takes to organise a wedding. If you have family and friends to help, it's a special time for all of you. It may be hard work, and stressful at times, but wedding preparations can also be fun.

There could be many touching moments in the run up to your wedding, so why not treasure them? It could be lunch with Mum while on a shopping trip for the right shoes, or setting off on your hen party with your best friends. You might also want to remember preparing the gifts for your wedding guests, writing names on place cards or the necklaces you chose for your bridesmaids.

You could include pictures from your engagement, from when you met or even before that in your Photobook. In fact, you might need a whole Photobook just for your pre-wedding memories!

Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook Wedding Photobook

On the day

A scan or photo of your wedding invitation can be an important memento of your wedding day and worth including in your Photobook.

Your professional wedding photographer will have many ideas for pictures such as how to group people after the ceremony and key moments at the reception. Here are some other important shots to include:

  • Fastening the dress and pinning on the buttonholes
  • The moment the bride walks in at the ceremony
  • In and around the venue or venues
  • The wedding couple's first dance
  • The cake before it is cut
  • Catching the bride's bouquet

The photographer can't be everywhere on the day, and probably won't stay until the end of the reception, so ask your friends and family take as many photos as possible. If any of your guests are keen on photography, get them to bring a good camera and snap away!

Wedding Day

When making your Photobook, you will probably show most of your wedding day pictures in chronological order. If it's difficult to choose which pictures to include because you have so many, try picking a few favourite shots from each part of the day.

Save some space after the reception speech photos for more informal pictures of family members and guests. Photograph them individually, as well as in groups.

The perfect shot to end your story depends on how you end the day. It could be driving away in a car that's been 'decorated', or being carried over a threshold!

Photos by family and friends

Not all your pictures will be taken by a professional, and you will probably have many photos taken on guest digital cameras, phone cameras and single use film cameras. The professional photographic paper in our Photobooks will enhance your photos and our easy to use software will help you create great montages.

Captions make it meaningful

Fujifilm Photobooks also let you write captions. To make your wedding book mean even more to you, use captions to remind you of names or of thoughts and feelings on the day.

A perfect 'thank you'

What better way to thank those who helped make your wedding day so special than a professional quality Photobook? And you can personalise it by creating captions that show how much you appreciate them.

Lasting memories

Whatever you decide to include, your Fujifilm wedding Photobook will enhance your pictures and give you long lasting memories. The highest quality professional products and the latest photo imaging technology go into every one of our Photobooks.

With a Fujifilm Photobook, you can be sure that your wedding pictures will look as every bit as lovely in the future as they do today. So you can share them with your children – or grandchildren – in years to come.